Getting to know you: Body scan

getting to know youThis body scan will help you discover parts of your body that you know exist but generally don’t pay attention to unless they are sore (case in point, the baby toe until you stub it). It’s nice to give recognition to our bodies parts when they are feeling good and send them a little love and gratitude for everything they do for us.
If there are areas in your body that do not feel good or healthy, when we move through them offer them extra love and gratitude for the lessons they are teaching you.
As well, since this is just a seven minute meditation we cannot go into full detail here. Please feel free to use this as the beginning of your scan and when it’s over go back and fill in the spots that need more love and attention.
You can do this meditation sitting up but it was designed to do lying down and before bed to prepare the body for sleep.
Thank you, Peter Rainbird, for your beautiful music that accompanies this meditation.