Welcome to Seven Minutes in Heaven

Hello and welcome to Seven Minutes in Heaven. My name is Paula Richie and I have created these
7-minute guided meditations in the hope that I can share with you the feeling of joy and peace I
experience when I become quiet and still. I believe that once you learn how to appreciate and enjoy your own inner silence, it becomes easy to uncover the abundance of joy that lay inside of you.

We are all born with this sense of joy in our hearts. It is inherant in our birthright. Unless we tap into it and nourish it with attention and gratitude it tends to get muddied and harder to find. If we can cultivate this sense of joy in our hearts with a few minutes of directed thoughts every day, it becomes much easier to connect with it anywhere, any time, even amid the chaos that seems fill our days.

I have created these meditations so you have something to remind yourself how easy it can be to
reconnect with your beautiful soul.  They are short enough to do anywhere –  in bed, at your desk, on the way to work (though, of course, I don’t recommend you do them while your drive).  Hopefully they will leave you with a sense of peace and happiness that you can carry with you throughout the remainder of your day.

Please excuse the production quality. These meditations are not professionally engineered; I created them on my computer, and I’m not too proud to tell you they are flawed. Thankfully I have the music of Peter Jack Rainbird to back up my voice. His beautiful melodies set a peaceful tone and will make it easier for you to ignore the few pauses and mistakes I may make along the way. Please try and listen for the essence of my words and follow them with your heart not your head.

These guided meditations will not make your problems go away. I’m hoping they allow you to stay focused in the present moment long enough to make it possible for you to put them on the back burner, at least thoroughout the duratation of the meditation. At the end of the meditation, you can decide if you want to pick those worries back up again or perhaps leave them behind. At the very least, the pause may give you new perspective so you revisit those problems with keener insight and deeper compassion.